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The Crew

We are David and Marianne Tansey, a couple of native Texans with a big dream:  Circumnavigate the globe.

The Vessel

Sailing Vessel Texas is a 2001 Island Packet 420.   She is a beauty.  A true blue water, cutter rigged sailing vessel.

The Journey

Plans can change.  But we have a rough first draft of the planned voyage... 

Living Our Dream... Sailing Around the World!

There are things in this life that to everyone else make you crazy.  But to you, it means a fulfilled life.  Listen to your heart, embrace crazy!

SV Texas at dock in Florida

All About The Boat

SV TEXAS is a 2001 Island Packet 420.  We named her after our beloved home state of Texas because we read that cruisers are referred to by their boat name (instead of their real names).   It also fit nicely with the fact that a nickname given to me (Marianne) by my college basketball teammates was "Texas."  S/V Texas is well equipped with solar, new sails and electronics and lots of refit work to make this 15 year old boat seem like new!




Feel free to email us with any questions you have!

Where We Are Now...

In Austin, Texas... working, saving $ and preparing ourselves for the big adventure.

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