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Who We Are...

David Tansey

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I have lived here my whole life except when I attended Texas A&M University Whoop! I graduated with a tech degree and went into microchip and software sales for most of my career before getting a real estate license and starting my own business. We were blessed to do well after the 2009 financial crisis.  It helped us on our way to this adventure. I developed a love for travel when a friend (the same one that introduced me to my amazing wife) and I did a fly by the seat of your pants trip to Greece. No plans, just travel around and find places to stay as we went. I have always loved to do things that give me a sense of freedom. Hiking and camping always gave me a taste of just take what you need and go. Setting the sails on a large monohull the first time immediately made me dream of setting out for distant shores. Now having married a remarkable, adventurous woman and buying Miss Texas that dream is coming true. 

David and Marianne Tansey

I was raised in a small East Texas town of just over 300 people.  If you drove through too fast and blinked, you missed it.  After graduating high school, a desire to see more of the world outside of Texas led me to college in Arkansas.  At least until Texas called me back home to attend graduate school at Rice University in Houston.  Still, I had not yet had enough of travelling, meeting new people and seeing new places.  Before starting my corporate career (right after getting my MBA in 1999), I back-packed through Europe for 3 weeks.  I was hooked.  From that time on, I made time to travel extensively on vacations while working.  In 2004, I was fortunate enough to marry my best friend and we have continued our adventures.   Most on land even if travelling by air to get to new exotic destinations we have not yet experienced...  but now, the sea is calling and I am looking forward to a new kind of world adventure.   

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